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PostNoOne on Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:18 pm

1. PB2 Username: cuz im batman

2. Link to your PB2 Profile: Profile Link
2b. List alternate accounts with their links:
3.  (FFS why dont u just check my profile)
 aKills Count:

 3b. Death Count:

 3c. Player Points:

 3d. Predicted Player Points/Beginner's Progress %:

   3e. Level Developer Rank (if applicable):

4. Total Time Playing PB2: since 04/2015

5. Ban History in PB2, Discord and other forums: when i was searching for raze 3, plazma burst 2 was at the relatives and i said "Hey y i don't try this thing out". So that's how i've started playing pee bee 2. And how did i discover discord? Well my clan leader invited me to his discord chat

6. Are you currently in any clans? Nope but i'd like to be in one

6b. Past Clans and why you left them: [HH] Hell Hounds. Was Nuked...

7. Tell us something good about yourself: I have a big dick that may please all of the PTNM members

7b. Tell us something bad about yourself: I'm a virgin

8. Why do you want to join Platinum? Cause I wanna learn how to strip

9. What can you offer to benefit Platinum? thousands of Oreooos

10. Who recruited you? My mom (Found this site while was checking idomino's pee bee 2 profile

11. What is your attitude (inside and outside of PB2?) Raging a lot while playing. A shy guy which is following the path to Nirvana

12. How do you play PB2 (skills, styles, and so on?) glitch, silence/high selfboost, waterboost, glitch shot, fly like a chicken in slow mo, good at parkours and etc.

13. Did you read and understand the Forum Rules and promise not to break them? After filling out this shit? No baby, im not gonna break 'em

14. Extra comments/concerns: Yo, click here to see my face
by the way playing on touchepad without mouse is bull shit
15. Are you applying for an official or unofficial membership? 4 Official Membership

PostGuest on Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:12 am

[Application Denied]

Be thankful i'm the first one who get to see your nonsense application. Feel free to re-apply after 2 weeks.

I guess turkish aren't that serious.

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