GeNo works like a capitalist society. Your value depends on your investments to the clan. There are no mandates forcing anyone to be active, but if you wish to be recognized for your membership here, make yourself known with bold statements and ideas. Always try to empathize and understand one another over engaging in a heated argument. No one will receive special treatment, regardless of their ranking and affiliation with people inside GeNo. And as always, respect everyone. Your display of loyalty to us is dependent on the way you treat others both inside and outside of GeNo.

Clan Ranks

  • May report any questions or concerns to Prestige Members.
  • Allowed to vote in polls.
  • Allowed to take part in discussions and share critical ideas.
  • Can become a tester by passing GeNo's Official Testers Examination.
  • Eligible for promotion if seen as proactive, helpful and respectful.
Trial Prestige Members
  • Expected to show qualities of a Prestige Member.
  • Expected to adapt to the duties of a Prestige Member.
  • Elected by monthly popular vote.
  • Given a month to show whether or not they are suited to become a Prestige Member.
Prestige Members
  • Assist in defusing conflicts arising from members having problems with those inside and outside of the clan.
  • Selected for their critical thinking and diplomatic skills.
  • Pass more vital decisions regarding security and/or massive changes to the forums.
Council Members
  • Small group (3-5 people) of Prestige Members chosen to pass final decisions on important tied polls.
  • Are the most trusted and responsible in dealing with diplomatic and/or strategic plans.
Veteran Members
  • An honorary rank given to former members of GeNociDe that have made great contributions to the clan.
  • Only obtained via poll after a member leaves the clan.
  • In the event that a Veteran rejoins the clan as a Member, they will lose the Veteran status.
  • Veterans that renounce their membership will be polled once again.

Clan Rules

Forum Rules
  • Refer to the registration page.
  • Respect all forum users.
  • Do not spam posts.
  • Do not post links to illegal or inappropriate sites.
  • Do not promote or advertise drug use, pornography, or other illegal activites.
  • Do not disclose personal information of others.
  • Do not initiate flame wars.
  • Do not double/triple post. If no one has replied to your post and 24 hours haven't passed then don't make another post on that thread.
  • Do not attempt to hack or share forum accounts.
  • Post respective threads in their correct forums.
Chat Rules

GeNo currently has 2 active chat rooms, on forums and Discord. The rules stated apply for all chat rooms. If you would like access to our Discord server, please request an official GeNo member for the invitation link.

  • Advertising of Discord servers is not allowed.
  • Do not spam/flood in chat.
  • Do not post anything that is NSFW. This includes jumpscare links, disturbing material (images, videos, GIFs, or other forms of media), pornography/erotic material, and the like.
  • Do not post personal information without the consent of the owner.
  • Any form of disrespect is prohibited. Refrain from dropping insults, rude comments, or crude remarks to anyone.
  • Do not contribute to any form of arguments relating to sensitive topics.
  • IP loggers, RATs, threats or anything of that nature are strictly prohibited from the chat.

We all represent the clan equally just by having the tag on. Ranks should not be looked as if they are portraying a pyramid. We all are the core of it. The clan is at its best when we remember the idea of collaborating and working together for the greater good. Do not ever let your rank limit your potential; your role does not define you, you define your role. Nothing is stronger than our foundation, so let us not change what we live by, but improve on how we live by it. Our democracy is our guide for this clan.

Last Updated: 15 August 20